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    The COUGHVID crowdsourcing dataset: A corpus for the study of large-scale cough analysis algorithms
    (Zenodo, 2021-02-03)
    Orlandic, Lara
    Teijeiro, Tomas
    Atienza, David
    Cough audio signal classification has been successfully used to diagnose a variety of respiratory conditions, and there has been significant interest in leveraging Machine Learning (ML) to provide widespread COVID-19 screening. The COUGHVID dataset provides over 20,000 crowdsourced cough recordings representing a wide range of subject ages, genders, geographic locations, and COVID-19 statuses. Furthermore, experienced pulmonologists labeled more than 2,000 recordings to diagnose medical abnormalities present in the coughs, thereby contributing one of the largest expert-labeled cough datasets in existence that can be used for a plethora of cough audio classification tasks. As a result, the COUGHVID dataset contributes a wealth of cough recordings for training ML models to address the world’s most urgent health crises.
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